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Passionate Performer Program MAX


Don’t just daydream about the gig, go DO it! __________________________ 👋🏼 Say GOODBYE to: • Scrolling past audition & open mic posts saying “I’m not ready” • Losing your voice or feeling too tired to sing through a set • Worrying about what the audience will think of you • Not having a CLUE how to put yourself out there • Feeling lonely and misunderstood as a performing singer 👏🏼 And HELLO to: • Showing up like a badass to every gig • Mixing, belting, riffing, and singing whichever style makes your voice SHINE • Turning your audience into your biggest cheerleaders • Sharing your music and connecting with local venues • Joining other artists just like you and having your voice & performance coach with you at the touch of a button! __________________________ Inside the program: MENTAL PREPARATION: Detangle the thoughts that hold you back from singing the way you want, signing up for the show, and actually getting on stage, so that you feel READY to go do the thing. VOCAL STYLE: Sing with ease & power, and never worry about having to lose your voice! CONFIDENT ARTISTRY: How DO you actually book a gig? What should I do on stage? You’ll know EXACTLY where to go and how you want to rock every performance. __________________________ You’ll get: • Easy-to-follow video tutorials on each topic • Growing library of press-play-and-go vocal warmups, exercises, meditations no matter where you are • Monthly group classes to FLEX those performance muscles • Seasonal online open mic nights • A chat community of fellow PASSIONATE PERFORMERS on Telegram • BONUS content from guest coaches & artists Other member PERKS: • 20% off 1:1 private lessons • Personalized video coaching (up to 3 videos a month) • START Singing™ mini-course • Automatic enrollment to the next SLAY THE STAGE workshop Only $27/month for the BETA round (minimum 6 month commitment).

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


Passionate Performer Program BETA, $27.00/month

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