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Fall in LOVE again with the way you feel, sound, and look when you perform!

Private lessons

Image by Alexander Grey

Formerly known as "Reclaim The Stage"

A 4-week LIVE experience for adult singers ready to RECLAIM their spotlight!

Begins July 8, 2024

Image by Tim Toomey

Cringing at those performance vids of yourself?

I totally get it! Someone may have told you that you either "look bored" when you sing or your nerves are getting the best of you and you freeze.

Let's replace "I don't know what to do"

with "I GOT this!"

every time you get up there and sing.

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  • Take a different look at those not-so-awesome past gigs 

  • Dig into who you're becoming as an artist, and how to show that in your singing

  • Work WITH your performance anxiety as a sidekick, not a villain

Week 1

RECONSTRUCT your artistic identity

You'll be able to...



Week 2

You're gonna...

  • Know how to work WITH your sound person

  • Use the mic in ways that will give you that juicy sound

  • Spice up your performance visually by knowing how to work the mic stand

REDESIGN your movement

Week 3

Get ready to...

  • Create a powerful story for each one of your songs

  • Master the art of knowing when to groove or stand your ground

  • Turn the stage into your personal playground by making the most of accessories like stools & instruments

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Crowd Applauding

RECONNECT with your audience

Week 4

Take action and...

  • Turn those listeners into your biggest cheerleaders

  • Use facial expressions as your superpower

  • Stay on track and not let distractions throw you off

  • Amp up your gigging game and seek out new opportunities

Image by Alexander Grey

Ready to show up like the POWERHOUSE
you've always dreamed of?

I'm not lost anymore!

I've learned that if I'm having fun, the audience will as well.

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Eileen B.


Whatcha get & how it works

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Weekly ZOOM coaching with me to answer your questions & workshop your performances

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Easy-to-follow video tutorials each week

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Connect with fellow artists & create a new fanbase inside our SLAY THE STAGE online community

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Journal downloads & bonus materials you can still access after the 4-week experience

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All available on the SPACES BY WIX app (a free

download from your app, right?)




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