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An online mini-program for
aspiring performers

Tired of spending HOURS searching for singing tutorials on YouTube?

Imagine getting that time back in-between your gigs and FINALLY learning how to begin...

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Choosing the right songs for your voice

Taking care of

your vocal health

Singing high, middle, or low, with power & flexibility

Practicing with your favorite songs

No more asking Alexa what you should sing!  Make bold song choices and sing them with feel-good vocal technique.

Have you ever thought about HOW your voice works? Build a practice routine & lifestyle that helps you sing for a long time.

Work with warm-ups & exercises that will strengthen your entire range (and learn WHY & HOW to do them)!

Because only doing a whole bunch of exercises is SUPER boring, right?! You'll be able to apply the technique you're learning right away.

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  • 9 video tutorials on each one of the START SINGING™ vocal pitstops.

  • More than 25 press-play-and-go warm-ups, exercises, and POP SONG PRACTICES to flex those vocal performance muscles!

  • A PDF guide to download, make notes, and guide you every step of the way.

What you get...

It's like having a tour guide on a singing adventure!

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Wait, there's more!

  • Get 20% off individual private lessons.

  • Join our Passionate Performers Community inside our Spaces by WIX app (free download for Apple or Android), get your questions answered, easy access to your program materials, and be encouraged by other amazing artists like you!

Bonus perks

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Ellison Y., VA

"Lots of awesome info! It makes me want to sing & work on my mixing and belting even more!"




How long does it take?

You can finish in a couple of days or take your sweet time. Use the materials whenever you need them.

Do I have to download the Spaces by WIX app to access the mini-program?

Materials & the group chat can be accessed by logging into the MVC Performance website or on your phone app. Although I HIGHLY recommend the ease of the app. 

Do I have lifetime access?

Once you purchase, it's yours!

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final.

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