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Sing the songs you love

the way you've always wanted to

Private lessons

Forget about perfect technique.


Let's help you sing in a way that relieves the pressure in your throat and helps you NAIL those dream songs, while feeling & sounding like YOU!

Whether you're prepping up for an audition, a performance, writing your own songs, or singing is your self-care, feel empowered and and show up on stage with excitement!

Available in-person or online. Clases disponibles en español.

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How lessons flow




Mind & body check-in

Spark your creativity

Get down to business

Did you have a bad day? Are you excited? Have any chronic pain? All of these affect your sound, so we'll see what your starting point is and go from there.

We'll wake up your voice for singing, get those creative juices flowing to help you craft your song and/or performance, and customize our time to work on the things YOU love.

Strengthen your vocal technique & style, clean up your song, design your blocking, prepare your audition cut - whatever you need, we'll help you reach your goals and leave you with a practice plan before we finish our time together.


  • 1 - 2 lessons per month

  • Perfect for a seasonal check-in & a flexible schedule

  • Book your own (subject to studio availabilty)

  • Consultation required before your first lesson

  • START SINGING™ & COMIENZA A CANTAR members get 20% off 

Individual lesson

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Three 45-minute lessons per month

  • For artists needing a fixed schedule

  • Best value 

  • Set up your lesson date/time during your free consultation 

Monthly lesson subscription


I no longer HATE my voice

I struggled to actually LIKE the sound of my head voice. Now it feels stronger and I can sing my own songs, the way I've always wanted.

Anna G.


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